All our motorbikes come with government insurance covering physical damage (injury) and liability protection.

We provide 2 free helmets for every motorbike.

All our vehicles (motorbikes and a cars) are available for short and long term contracts, and fares are degressive.

To rent a scooter or motorcycle with an engine capacity of up to 160 CC: 

You have to leave a cash deposit for a motorbike in amount 5000 - 10000 THB depending of a model. In any currency.  As an alternative to this interim measure you can leave your passport.
For motorbikes up to 160 cc from 5 days rental — free delivery service to any point of the Island.

To rent a scooter or motorcycle with an engine capacity of 160 CC and above: 
You have to leave your international passport as deposit for the bike. As an alternative to this interim measure cash deposits can be considered in amount 10000 - 40000 thb, depending on the chosen vehicle and model. 
All known damage of a bike are marked in the contract before signing. The standard contract is drawn up in English and not subject to change. In a case of any new damage to the bike, the bike rental customer pays the cost of the parts at the prices established by the lessor. We guarantee the most objective approach to the assessment of damages. Parts prices are from original manufacturers. 

If you need a free delivery service of a bike to your hotel, the airport, bus station or a pier, you must take into account the following conditions: 

• Firstly, you must have experience of driving a bike. 
• Secondly, the lease of the bike must be not less than 5 days
• Thirdly, the delivery time must be agreed with us in advance, no less than a day. 

Delivery time is from 10 am till 6 pm.

Our company has a free delivery service of vehicles within the island. 
For the delivery of the car within the island is a minimum rental period - 3 days. Time and a place of delivery must be agreed no less than a day. Delivery time is from 10 am till 6 pm.

If you rent a car you need to take into consideration that all our vehicles are covered with full insurance with a deductible amount (limit of insurer's liability) of 5 000 Baht for passenger cars and 10,000 Baht for pickup trucks. When you rent a car you must show the original of international passport (we will take a photocopy of it) and pay a deposit of 5,000 Baht or 10,000 Baht depending on the selected model. 

In the case of vehicle body damage the liability of the rental customer is limited by the amount of the deposit. In the case of damages to third parties - renter's liability is insured. However, if it would be determined that the rental customer was under influence of alcohol or narcotics during the car accident, the insurance company may refuse payment of compensation. 

Operating hours are: Mon-Sat from 10 am till 6 pm. On Sunday — closed.