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About us

Motorcycle hire Koh Samui is a great range of services which will make a dream of exploring the tropical island come true and leave you feeling truly amazing! If you are a good driver, you will have a lot of fun enjoying your active holidays because this place is a paradise for travellers!

We are here to make your trip to Thailand exhilarating and unforgettable by offering our service – motorcycle rental Koh Samui. Just book a motorbike tour around the island and experience stunning nature and life style of local people who get everywhere around by motorbikes.

Thai-Moto is a Big Bike Rental Spot in Koh Samui, which is the only place on this beautiful island where you can rent an absolutely new motorcycle in perfect condition. I’m totally passionate about bikes and motorcycle lifestyle. Once I came to Samui for a vacation, and decided to stay here for living. The main reason is that the island is fully suitable for riding a bike: the roads are perfect, the climate is warm all year long, and the service is above expectations. The only obstacle for me was low level of Big Bikes or Car Rent on Koh Samui.

Motorcycles in Thailand for rent were mostly provided by local people, with corresponding attitude to foreigners, language barrier and drawbacks of local mentality: strive to earn a lot of money by providing cheap service. Moreover, the Motorcycles For Rent were mostly in very poor technical condition.

At some moment and idea came to my mind to start a high quality service on Samui with perfect bikes, service of European level and tourist-friendly staff. The time went by, and now we developed in a well-known company offering the Rent of Motorcycles on Koh Samui for reasonable prices and high-level service. In other words, you can choose a motorcycle fully suitable to your needs, skills and preferences.

The prices of motorcycles for rent in Koh Samui are at least 10-15% lower than at other rental spots. Besides, we take care of the technical condition of the motorbikes, repair them in time and use only original spare parts from well-known suppliers, so you can be sure that the rented bike won’t break on a half-way home. We are passionate about riding bikes, seeing beautiful places on Koh Samui and enjoying speed of fast bikes.

Koh Samui is a magnificent island with beautiful scenery, perfect beaches and lots of interesting places. How we can make the Just Rent Motorbike in Koh Samui and double the pleasure of your vacation by driving a bike and enjoying beautiful nature. Fast bikes, dirty bikes, Motorcycles Rent on Koh Samui — it’s all about our service.

For those willing to Rent a Motorcycle and see the mainland, we organize bike tours by individually selecting places you want to see and distance you would like to go. It is a great chance to go sightseeing along the perfect roads of Thailand and enjoy the speed and wind in your hair. Or, you may prefer to rend a dirty bike and go straight to the jungle to drive in real off-road conditions. We are the only company offering Motorcycle Rent on Samui that allows going on a rented bike wherever you go outside the island territory.

Advantages of our big bike rent:

  • more than 100 new bikes of all types;
  • perfect technical condition of motorbikes;
  • tourist-friendly service;
  • comparatively low prices;
  • permission to go out of Samui;
  • group and individual bike tours.

Feel free to contact us and find motorcycle rent, big bikes, dirty bikes for rent on Koh Samui.

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